Gary Musgrave has been photographing wildlife and natural wonders since 1976. It’s been an adventure! Capturing that one moment in time through one's eyes and camera is a spectacular event — something that can never be replicated. These images of wildlife and natural wonders will inspire folks, and encourage them to take a moment from their busy lifestyle to simply think about how cool the natural things in life are!

“I have been photographing wildlife since 1976, when my science professor and mentor at Angelo State University, Dr. Chester M. Rowell Jr., helped me purchase my first Canon SLR camera. The many field trips we took provided plenty of opportunities to practice. I guided for big game in Alaska shortly after receiving my biology degree, which established my lifelong quest to spend as much time there as I possibly could, and I have! After teaching high school biology and environmental systems for twenty-two years, retirement has given me the time to “go for it” as a professional wildlife photographer. I am extremely excited. Thanks for visiting the website, and I hope you enjoy my images!”
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